The following are the specific conditions and terms that apply to Brandablehq.com

1. Property Transferred – Property to be transferred shall only be the right to the particular domain name that a buyer purchases and the on-site logo file.

2. Venue, Jurisdiction, and Choice of Law – You agree that any disagreements and/or disputes thar arise from this contract shall be adjudicated within the laws of the State of Tennessee, that the venue of these disputes will be held in the courts of Shelby County, TN, and that those particular courts will and should have complete and sole jurisdiction over this and any related disputes, and that any further right of jury trial should be waived.

3. Prior Sales – Brandablehq places a detailed list of its inventory on numerous third party websites. While good-faith efforts are made to maintain an up-to-date inventory every 24 hours, in rare cases a domain purchased on our site, BRANDABLEHQ, might have previously been sold, in which event the price will be refunded. However, no other remedy shall be available.

4. Transfer- BRANDABLEHQ will make a good-faith, reasonable attempt to transfer domains to a registrar of the buyer’s choice. It is invariably faster to use the registrar where the domain currently resides (typically GoDaddy or Dynadot). However, in a few cases, the domain could be in a sixty-day registrar lock in the event that it was acquired recently. You agree that you might be required to register a free account at the original registrar in order to legally receive the domain. BRANDABLEHQ reserves the right of transaction cancellation and to refund whatever money was paid, in the event transfer turns out to be extremely difficult.

5. Logo – You will own the logo and will receive it on the site.

6. Temporary consideration options – For a flat 10 percent of the purchase price of any domain name, you get the right to reserve the domain for thirty days. Buyers can only renew this option one time. We ask that you contact admin in order to select this option.

7. Attorneys Fees- Concerning legal fees, each party is responsible for their own costs.

8. No Guarantees or Warranties- You acknowledge that BRANDABLEHQ offers no warranties or guarantees as to the former uses, usage history, any link profiles, any history of penalties, trademarks or other matters having to do with the domain names sold. You should use appropriate and reasonable research tools before buying a name.

9. Damages- In any instance not mentioned above, you agree that the purchase price of a particular domain shall be the limit of damages assessed.

10. Privacy- BRANDABLEHQ cannot sell, provide or offer information about customers to outside or third-party vendors, nor will BRANDABLEHQ do so in the future. It is accepted industry practice to report domain sales. However, we can omit any references to a particular domain on our site and not report a name sale if requested. Note that some tools, including the Way Back Machine, do record past usage.

11. Sales Final- As soon as a domain name is transferred, the sale is final.