Useful Skillsets for Internet Entrepreneurs – Essentials 2


After making a general outline of the enterprise’s structure, an owner will need to assess the skills needed to run such a business. Will the day-to-day operation call for technical design expertise, writing ability, programming background, or sales skills? Unless a person plans to primarily work as a reseller of someone else’s tangible or service products, there will likely be a specific skill set (other than sales acumen) at the root of the profit potential.

Key Skills for Success

For startup owners who really want to get serious about making a long-term profit, technical skills can be an important part of the mix. It’s not about becoming a technical expert. However, there are a handful of skills that it pays to learn.

Besides learning a bit about copywriting and how to write effective sales copy, entrepreneurs should spend several hours learning how to navigate their way around WordPress, one of the most widely-used content management sites in existence. Becoming familiar with posting content and doing simple web design on WordPress can make the difference between an okay website and a professional-looking one.

The beauty of WP is that even non-technical owners can create and manage a website with practically zero knowledge of coding or development tools. That means power at the fingertips of any business owner who takes the time to learn his or her way around WordPress. The company offers plenty of free tutorials here. [Link:]

As for writing effective sales copy, there are literally thousands of Internet tutorials on the subject, ranging from quickie, one-hour videos to extensive courses. Nearly all of them are free, which means there’s no excuse to miss out on acquiring this valuable skill. Here’s one resource that offers multiple ways to learn about copywriting for free, from Kissmetrics. [ Link: ]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a core component of successful entrepreneurship on the Internet. Learning how to word and structure articles and written materials so that search engines can find them is one of the most effective ways to build a customer base for any business. Similar to learning WordPress, SEO basics are not heavy lifting, and some of the key concepts can be picked up at a website called Seobook. [Link:]

Learn the basics of SEO and WP, in addition to some very simple HTML coding and design skills. There are countless online video tutorials for HTML and Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. A simple web search will reveal a full slate to choose from.

For more advanced skills, many business owners decide to go the “subcontracting” route, and hire someone to perform key tasks like logo design, video creation, sales page writing, shopping cart assembly, etc. Whatever the job, there is someone available to do it. Busy entrepreneurs who want to find capable workers can do so easily. For example, Craigslist and are but two places where freelance tech workers offer their services at competitive prices.

After hiring reliable freelancers (which might be a hit-and-miss endeavor at first), it is a good idea to get contracts in writing. That way, each party knows what’s expected. Assembling a solid team of subcontractors for a profitable Internet business takes time, but it can mean the difference between success and failure.

In the real world of Internet commerce, the vast majority of web-based business are hybrids: the owners do a few of the core tasks themselves and hire out a large amount of the work that they either don’t have time to do or don’t have the skills to perform.

Skill sets for entrepreneurs are changing all the time because the Internet is not a static environment. Wise businesspeople will stay on top of the trend and know how to acquire, or hire out, new skills as they come along.