Finding the Business Name You Want

Other than being proactive in social media, there is nothing more critical to a business’ online success than having a great domain name. The role of the domain name you have for your business cannot be overstated.. Your business domain name will be tied to your brand, so whatever first impression you want to give your visitors and potential customers is what you’re looking for when choosing a business name.

In addition, your domain name is going to be splashed all over your marketing and advertising materials. Your business cards, brochures, and printed materials should all contain your domain name, which is why you need to spend some time thinking about the domain that you want.

Brainstorming Creative Domain Names

One way in which you can come up with creative domain names is by brainstorming. Ideally, you should gather at least two or three other people from your team or that will provide good feedback. During your brainstorming session, you want to write down as many words and descriptors as possible that relate to your business or industry, even if those words and phrases don’t make sense. Then, ponder and review the words that you’ve generated to build creative domain names for your website.

A couple things you want to keep in mind while trying to think of creative domain names is how the name will look and what it will sound like. Your business domain name needs to be pronounceable. You cannot have a domain name that’s utter gibberish; visitors will be turned off and won’t receive a great impression.

Some of the best creative domain names are short, brandable and convey the message that your business is trying to get across to potential customers who may not know you. In terms of domain length, research shows that domain names with characters between around 6 to 8 characters receive the most attention. This holds true if you consider the website domain names of businesses like Target, GoFundMe or Uber. Any business domain name beyond 12 to 14 characters will be difficult for visitors to remember and will probably be very long to say out loud.

Brandable and Cute Domain Names

Two cute Chow-chow puppies, isolated over white background

The brandable factor in your business domain name also cannot be emphasized enough. Cute domain names that are short or moderate in length can be brandable. What this means is that when you say your domain name out loud, it should sound like you’re saying a brand name. Further, the words you use in your cute domain name should not be too broad that visitors won’t even know what you’re about.


Let’s consider this example: suppose you have a business that sells organic weight loss supplements. You don’t want to register because that’s generic and not brandable. You wouldn’t want because that’s quite difficult to say out loud. In addition, both those prior domain names contain hyphens, which should be avoided. Rather, cute domain names that convey a sense of meaning to them, such as, should be chosen over less brandable ones.

In the example above, “XtraSlim” contains 8 characters, is easy to say out loud and also memorable.

Trendy Domain Names

The memorable factor is easy to illustrate with trendy domain names. Trendy names for your business should also contain some of the keywords which are relevant to the industry that you’re in. Once you come up with a list of keywords which your business is in, you need to research those keywords to see if anyone else has a website domain name that’s similar. Similarly, you don’t want to register domain names that could possibly be misconstrued for copyright infringement. 

The domain name extension you choose also matters when selecting a trendy domain name. However, there are a couple issues to keep in mind when it comes to domain name extensions. First, many consumers may assume or equate the .com or .org with authoritative websites. That being known, you may want to simply stick with trendy domain names that end with the .com extension.

On the other hand, there are also website extensions that include the .biz, .me, .net, .co, and .info extensions. These extensions can be used, although they need to be used carefully. If you’re set on using one of these lesser known extensions, you must craft your name so that it’s trendy, short and memorable, as mentioned above. If you do decide to register one of the lesser known extensions for your business domain name, one helpful step to take would be to also register the .com version so that you can protect your business interests and no one else can register it. This may also help if some customers don’t remember your domain name extension and end up typing .com into their browser as a force of habit as many  already do.

Generating Cool Domain Names

Can never be too cool!

Since your brand will be tied to your website, thinking of cool domain names for your business website is a must. Think of the industry that you’re in and take time to list or consider all the different products in that space which already achieve success. Ask yourself what it is about those brands that make them cool or successful. Do they have a short brand name, is their slogan clever or do they simply have a cool domain name behind their brand?

Some of the characteristics of cool domain names include a good looking and sounding domain, a domain that’s sexy, catches people’s attention and engages them. Boring domain names do the opposite of engaging visitors, and you probably have a few boring websites in mind that you already know of that aren’t fun or cool. Further, consider slang words and other phrases that are plays on words or made-up combinations of words.

One way in which you can find fun cool domain names is to use a website that will give ideas of cool domain names. These ideas can stimulate your own creativity in combining words, phrases or other language elements to come up with cool domain name ideas.

Catchy Business Names

catchy (the dictionary project, macro shots, shallow D.O.F.)

Just like coming up with memorable advertising jingles or slogans, business websites should have catchy domain names. In other words, your business domain name should have a ring to it as a commercial jingle or slogan would. Imagine your business domain name being heard on the radio. Saying the domain out loud will help you determine if you’ve come up with catchy domain names or not.

Perhaps the best catchy business names contain a maximum of two words; any name that is three words or more may lose a visitor’s interest or sound boring. Of course, this also depends on the word length as well: the shorter the words in the domain name, the more memorable they will be. Even though you want to be as clever as possible, you don’t want your catchy domain name to be hard to spell or complex. Keeping your business domain as simple as possible is what most businesses attempt to do in today’s online world.

Examples of catchy domain names are those that contain action verbs and words at the beginning. For example, the words “go,” “test,” “find” and “send” all tell the visitor what they might be able to find at the website to which they’re going.

Other catchy domain names include descriptor words or adjectives that connote what the brand or product is all about. Words that can describe your business include “slick,” “fast,” “expert” or even words that are names of colors like “red” or “yellow.”

Do You Want a Catchy, Cool, Trendy and Creative Domain Name?

As you might well guess, coming up with catchy or creative business names is not something that should be a hurried job. Instead of being a rushed decision, you need to arrive at a decision in a thoughtful manner. That being said, you also need to act fast because many cool domain names and creative domain names may be snatched up quicker than you can blink an eye.

This means that as soon as you’ve arrived and come to a conclusion about which trendy and cute domain names you want to register, you want to register that name as soon as possible! Otherwise, someone else may come up behind you and register the name that you’re thinking, preventing you from cashing in on the creative domain name that you’ve generated.

Even though this is a task you shouldn’t take lightly and a decision that should be carefully weighed, you still should have fun with it! However, remember to say the business domain names out loud to see how they sound when they’re pronounced and seek feedback from your business partners, advisors or other people that you trust. Alternatively, you can use a website service that will help you find the perfect domain name for your business. Choosing a domain name that’s short, to-the-point, catchy and creative will be most memorable for your customers, which can potentially mean more profit for your business.