Other than being proactive in social media, there is nothing more critical to a business’ online success than having a great domain name. The role of the domain name you have for your business cannot be overstated.. Your business domain name will be tied to your brand, so whatever first impression you want to give […]

Even the most die-hard gambler in Las Vegas knows when to call it quits. Some business ideas weren’t meant to be, or just weren’t introduced at the right time. Maybe the owner and the skills needed didn’t match up. Whatever the reason, smart entrepreneurs have to know the warning signs of a sinking ship. Fortunately, […]

Some online endeavors are highly labor-intensive, meaning they take up all of the owner’s time. Some entrepreneurs, however, aim to get everything up and running and then delegate many of the tasks to others. In fact, this is the way many traditional firms are run. Everything from law and accounting firms to construction companies are […]

Put simply, there are two kinds of businesses: those that sell products and those that offer services. Think about it. Even the simplest travel blog that carries paid advertising is offering a service. It consists of providing interesting stories about exotic places in exchange for readers viewing advertisements on the side of the page. A […]

Business owners don’t need to be attorneys in order to achieve success, but a few basic legal ideas must be understood before anyone can begin a business. (That goes for old-school, brick-and-mortar companies as well!) The related concept of risk management also enters into the picture; owners need to understand how to minimize their chances […]

Every entrepreneur, both the online type and the brick-and-mortar variety, needs to know how to set goals. For Internet businesses, there are some specific ways to do this correctly and many methods for measuring progress over time. Especially for startups, it is essential that data be collected from day-one. That way, periodic measurement can tell […]

Up next for the prospective online business maven is the question of time. Will the business call for a 40-hour per week commitment or primarily be a part-time activity? The vast majority of new online businesses begin as part-time affairs, many of which scale up to full-time operations after customers and sales increase to an […]

Innumerable online businesses market products and services, selling their own expertise or the expertise of others. Owners need to know how to market their own websites and get the word out about what they’re doing. The snazziest website in the world makes zero profit is no one sees it. Visitors and clicks make the world […]

  After making a general outline of the enterprise’s structure, an owner will need to assess the skills needed to run such a business. Will the day-to-day operation call for technical design expertise, writing ability, programming background, or sales skills? Unless a person plans to primarily work as a reseller of someone else’s tangible or […]

Business named, product and structure chosen, skills in reserve, the next step for budding online entrepreneurs has to do with budgeting. There is a huge difference between starting a business and running one. Startups incur all sorts of unique expenses that will, thankfully, never be encountered again. The day-to-day running of the company is much […]